buat semua yang kau cintai………….




Halo….Every body

Nice to have blog

this is my first blog

hmm… thanks to Ronald who ask me join this blog….at least now my eyes was opened with all advantage from blog

shared makes my life good and more

I born at Cairo but I am Indonesian

Actually My Pa and Ma was studied at Al Azhar

Hehehe the funny things is

my mother is my faher junior but they never met before, although my father litle brother was crazy about her…..

It can said that my mother was my father’s first gilrfriends

they met at nil river

and few year, they married…..

and me the greatest boy they ever have (hehehe i’am the only boy in my family)

I comefrom a simple family with simple house

but the house is near with everything

near my bed room, toilet,garage hehehe

o yaa…

i forgot…

my real name is Abdullah Ismet

Abdullah is my grandpa name’s

and Ismet is my father name’s

and my nick name adi

its come adhie because i like to be

ok for while…



  1. Well..well..
    ta’aruf yang cukup bagus..
    saya jd kenal abg..(senior saya kn di ILKOM USU)
    hehehe.. saya stambuk 05..
    slam kenal yagh bang.. :”>

    Comment by aisyah | December 4, 2007 | Reply

    • salam kenal kembali 🙂

      Comment by spiritofadhie | July 18, 2009 | Reply

      • salam kembali

        Comment by spiritofadhie | September 16, 2009

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