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Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott is out

November 6th, 2007
Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott is out
Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 10:37 am

Stuart Scott, who joined Microsoft in 2005 as Corporate Vice President
and Chief Information Officer, has left was ousted from the company,
as of November 5 for violating company policies, Microsoft officials said.

According to a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson:

“We can confirm that Stuart Scott was terminated after an
investigation for violation of company policies , and have no further
information to share. ”

Before joining Microsoft, Scott worked for 17 years at General
Electric, where he held a variety of roles. Most recently, he was the
CIO for several divisions there.

Scott reported to Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner.

Microsoft CIO Scott Stuart is outMicrosoft first acknowledged Scott’s
departure in a short note on its corporate Web site.

Scott’s departure seems somewhat abrupt. In late October, Scott
appeared on stage with Turner at an InformationWeek 500 conference. At
that conference, Scott spoke about his work to centralize Microsoft’s
IT operations. From a write-up of his October appearance at the

“One of Scott’s biggest efforts to date has been to centralize IT
operations, pulling functions in from the business units and in some
cases stomping out “shadow IT” functions that inevitably sprout in
such a tech-smart company. The company has consolidated 26 data
centers to five and eliminated about 1,000 applications in two years,
with the goal of taking out another 1,000.”

I asked Microsoft for comment as to why Scott left and/or who will
succeed him and updated the post with their response above. Still no
word on who will succeed Scott.

One more update from the spokespeople in the know:

“In the interim, Microsoft General Manager Shahla Aly and
Corporate Vice President Alain Crozier will assume Stuart’s
responsibilities until a replacement is identified.”

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